Saturday, 31 January 2015

Week 38 - I think today is the day...

Monday, January 19, 2015 - Sunday, January 25, 2015

My regular doctor was back from vacation today and was happy to see that you had stayed put until his return. But he also agreed with me that you can come on out anytime now. I have another appointment next Monday, but hope we see him before then. 

After supper Brooks was eager to get in his pjs and watch "Airpame movie" so he and your dad cuddled up on the floor while I caught up on my blog. I can't wait until it's you in my lap during these times and not the computer. 

Today your Grandma Susie and I spent some time measuring and making some decorating decisions in your nursery. I just need your dad to hang a couple of shelves and I need to finish painting the pegboard for my gallery wall project.

I really thought today was the day! We had a great play date with Tatem, Tyker, Mila and their awesome mommies and the whole time I was having contractions here and there. But yet again, they never amounted to anything and had disappeared by supper time.

Brooks was obsessed with Tyker's car seat which was super cute, but also a little indication of how he is going to be with you and your stuff. It is going to be tricky to keep him out of your seat, bassinet and swing.

When your dad got home, I told him I really thought today was the day and he asked if I was going to say that every day until you arrive. Probably.

I felt like getting out of the house today instead of nesting so Grandma Susie and I did a bit of shopping and then met Grandpa Dougie for lunch. I figure I should take advantage of the freedom and beautiful January weather while I can.

Paint, paint, paint. I can finally cross paint pegboard off of my to do list. Now I just need to paint the frame Grandpa Dougie made and we are ready to hang it! I am so excited to see if it actually fits the vision I have. 

I hadn't' planned on going to Splurge tonight, but as the day wore on, I got excited for what might be my last baby free night with my girls before you arrive. Plus Cathy promised to rub my belly and feet so how could I resist.

We had a tonne of almost pee my pants laughs while we played Minute to Win It games and had our usual honest real life conversations about mommy hood and marriage. These girls are so good for the soul and their excitement for your arrival and what it means for your dad, Brooks and I is as kind and genuine as it comes.

We had a play date with Auntie Jen, Uncle Matt and the girls today. Brooks had been asking about them for a few days and when I thought about it, I realized we had only got together once for a quick visit since Christmas. so it was definitely time to have them over. Our next play date may very well include you too!

Friday, 23 January 2015


It seems weird to say TGIF when I am on maternity leave and Brooks is in daycare and there is no baby yet. Everyday might as well be Friday right now.

1. This post. I don't share a lot of things on my Facebook page, but I couldn't resist Twelve Habits of Happy, Healthy People Who Don't Give a Shit About Your Inner Peace. I just love it. It is real. And life is real. I believe it is honestly as simple as this. The drama and garbage comes with when we overcomplicate it and concern ourselves with everyone else's "do whatever the F you want." And I mean really. This girl loves an article littered with F-bombs. Hardly matters what the words are in between.

2. Quinn's photo mobile. My mom picked up this mobile for $5 at Liquidation World before Brooks was born and I just loved the idea of hanging some of our favourite family photos over his crib. And now it's time to switch the photos out and get it ready for Quinn. Brooks eventually loved to point out all of his favourite people in the pictures before bed and I know Quinn will too.

3. Speaking of my mom. There are times where we couldn't be more different. And then there are times where we are exactly alike. She is a huge help all of the time, but especially right now. I was so looking forward to a little bit of maternity leave before Quinn was born to relax, but just as excited to get to spend some time with her whether it be rearranging closets, making nursery decorating choices or just drinking coffee and chatting. Susie is without a doubt one of my besties.

4. Warm weather and snowman kits. I have had "make a snowman" on my list of things to do with Brooks for a while now and just been waiting for the weather to be just right. Yesterday was the day and I got a head start while I waited for Bart and Brooks to get home. It took a while for Brooks to understand what was going on and he was honestly more interested in throwing snow around with his shovel. But it was all worth the 9 months pregnant snowball rolling work when he told me his name was Purple and asked if he could give the snowman a hug.

5. This chair. It won't be in for a few weeks yet, but I decided to bite the bullet and order a new chair for quality time with Quinn and our living room. A friend of mine has the same chair in her nursery so I got a chance to check it out in person. It was a bit of a splurge (for me), but I think it will be worth it because it offers everything I want in a rocking type chair and also fits with my vision of what our living room will be once we do some renovations. The glider type chair we have in our living room right now is a hand me down and isn't big enough for comfortable enough to spend a significant amount of time in. Plus I can just envision Bart cuddled up in the new recliner with both kids and that's worth the price alone.

Monday, 19 January 2015

Week 37 - Full term

Monday, January 12, 2015 - Sunday, January 18, 2015
I had an appointment with my OB today and I had my fingers crossed he would do an exam and tell me you were on your way. That wasn't the case though. He simply asked some questions, measured my belly and listened to your heartbeat. As much as I wanted to say "hey, why don't you get up in there and see what's happening" I didn't. It seemed wrong and inappropriate no matter how I phrased it in my mind.

So now I can go back to my regular doctor next week when he is back from holidays and as long as we don't have anymore complications, there should be no need for anymore OB visits. Yay!!

Hang in there Quinn. Only two more days of uncomfortable and clearly too tight work clothes left and then it's sweatpants city for us! Can't believe it's maternity leave time again.

Shortly after I got up this morning I started to have mild contractions. I decided to carry on with the day as usual because at this point, as was the case with your brother, I am uncertain what is actual labour. I spent an hour tracking them at my desk this morning and they were about 3 minutes apart and would last for approximately 40 seconds. But they weren't that strong so I stopped tracking. They continued for most of the day, but they never progressed and had subsided by bedtime.

Last day of work! Today I leave the office for a full year. I am so looking forward to the quality time off with you and your brother. I know now, even more than I did when I was off with Brooks, that I am so very lucky to have this time and need to saviour every second of it. I will never again be able to concentrate all of my energy on simply being your mom. It's going to be a great year Quinn! I promise.

I celebrated my first day of maternity leave by diving right in to getting ready for your arrival. Grandma Susie came over and we nested our faces off. We rearranged the kitchen cupboards and hall closets to make room for bottles, formula and sterilizing equipment. Your grandma loves organization projects and I very much appreciated the help. We did the same thing room by room in our old house before your brother arrived and it felt great. Next week we will tackle the rest of the upstairs and finishing decorating your room.

You and I didn't sleep very well last night so it was a lazy day. Your dad and Brooks went out for a bit in the morning and shovelled the driveway and sidewalk while I stayed warm in my pjs inside. I had a nap while Brooks did and tried to will my water to break. I am just so ready to meet your face and not be pregnant anymore.

I was putting away clothes in our room this afternoon and Brooks came in to help me. I told him he was a good boy and had done a really good job of listening that day and helping me. In all seriousness, he said "no mommy, I not a good boy. I a good brother."I said oh really, who are you a brother to? "Baby Quinn." Then he told you to come out soon and tried to lift you out of my belly.

People ask me all the time if he is excited that you are on your way and I reply honestly that Brooks seems excited, but that I am not sure he really grasps how our family is about to change. Regardless of how the transition to a family of four goes for your brother, I will forever remember moments like that, belly cuddles and kisses. You brother may be a snap show at times, but he is also the sweetest and kindest little man and you are lucky that you will have him by your side.