Friday, 27 March 2015


1. My chair. This comfy beauty is where I spend most of my time. It's great for feeding and rocking Quinn and I have even had a couple solid naps in it when Quinn doesn't want to be put down.

It was worth the little bit of a splurge to get something of good quality that I am happy to have as a permanent part our livingroom once baby rocking is in the past. 

2. Pegboard. I saw this idea for Quinn's nursery on Pinterest and am so happy with how it turned out. With the help of my dad we cut it to size, painted it and built a frame to mount it on. Only two things needed nails to hang and otherwise everything is hung with pegboard hooks. I love that it can be rearranged and added to as Quinn grows up. The board came in a piece about twice this big and we had it cut to size at the hardware store. It was under $20, the paint was leftover from the nursery and the package of pegboard hooks cost around $8. I love cheap DIY.

3. This article. I couldn't agree with this article more, plus it made me laugh. I am beyond grateful for my children and my life, but sometimes I need some real "this parenting stuff is crazy hard, mentally exhausting and emotionally draining" talk to feel normal, adequate and not alone. Thankfully I have a group of girlfriends who feel the same and are there to lift me up with their own "this isn't easy" stories. 

4. Summer Infant velcro swaddles. We have been fortunate that Brooks did and now Quinn also loves to be swaddled to sleep. Like Brooks was, Quinn is a strong and squirmy newborn so a regular swaddle blanket is no match for her. These velcro swaddles work great to keep her comfy and unable to free her arms and wake herself up. 

Friday, 13 March 2015

Quinn - 1 Month

Quinn, you and your brother aren't going to have traditional baby books to look back on one day, but you will have this blog and the books I make for you from it. I did my best to document my pregnancy with you just like I did your brother's and I am making the same commitment to document the first two years of your life as well. It's important to have your milestones and some of our best memories recorded to remind us how amazing you and our life as a family is. Every single day, no matter what, something amazing happens.

You may only be 1 month old Quinn and as fast as this month has flown by, it also feels like you've been a part of us all along. You are the one we were waiting for. I felt this way while I was pregnant with you, but it's even stronger now that you are here. Our family is complete and perfect.

You are a beauty. There is really no other way to describe you. Beautiful. Inside and out. We had your newborn photos taken when you were 10 days old, and although you didn't quite cooperate, the images we did get capture your beauty perfectly. 

When I look at you all I can see is your brother. Well that and a full, and I mean full, head of dark hair. But aside from what somedays looks like you are wearing a toupee, in my eyes you look exactly like Brooks as a newborn. You have the same petite features that he started out with and have the same facial expressions as he did. I love and appreciate that when I look at you I see him. It takes me back to a time and memories with him I thought I had forgotten. Thank you for that. 

Now to that hair. It is unreal, amazing, enviable. It is soft, thick and already turning a gorgeous shade of auburn. Every time we go out, people stop to comment on your hair and your beauty. It makes mommy so proud. 

And it is already growing like crazy, even the hair on your tiny ears. Don't worry, I don't have pics of the hair on your back and shoulders or you sweet little bum crack. And I am certain your extra body hair will rub off eventually.

I was reading back to Brooks first update about the way he would hold his little hands like he was playing the "got your nose game" (which he currently loves to play and then use his super powers to shoot your nose back on your face). You aren't stealing anyone's noses, but instead tightly grip whatever you can - blankets, mom's fingers, dad's shoulder - as if you are holding on for dear life. It seems to comfort you and settle you into a deeper sleep.

You've grown out of newborn clothing already, but only because you are very tall and have enormous feet. There is still a lot of room to grow into the 0-3 months sleepers, but at least you can stretch your legs out. Don't even get me started on leggings and socks though. You are too long for newborn leggings and too skinny for the next size up and baby socks are just a lost cause with your big feet and skinny ankles. We are going to have to wait a little bit longer for you to be fashionable. For now, every day is pj day.

You've just started to coo a bit and will interact with your play mat for several minutes at a time. You definitely prefer to be held, but unfortunately as the second child you've already had to learn to deal on your own when your brother needs my attention. You're a champ. And seem to almost sense when mommy needs you to be patient.

Brooks just loves you to pieces. Sure he has his moments where he would rather I be holding him and his sleeping routines have sort of gone out the window, but he wants to hold and kiss you all the time and when you are fussy or crying he is quick to check on you and calm you with a "it's ok baby, mommy right here."

You've completed our family Quinn and your dad and I can't thank you enough for giving us a second shot at this parent thing. If I do say so myself, we are better at it already. You make it easier. 

Monday, 23 February 2015

Week 39 - Patience is not my middle name

Monday, January 26, 2015 - Sunday, February 1, 2015

I was excited to go to the doctor this morning and had my fingers crossed he would be able to strip my membranes and hopefully get you moving. But no such luck. I had really thought your brother's arrival was all the lesson in patience I needed, but apparently I have a lot more to learn. Hahahaha. As Tevi said, "patience is not your middle name," when I texted her the news. Maybe it should be yours though.

This morning your dad gave me pretty strict orders to rest today and I was happy to listen to him. Aside from prepping supper, having a shower and some minor tidying, I spent most of the day on the couch and it was glorious.

Brooks spiked another really high fever last night so your dad suggested I take him to the doctor today. It's a good thing he did, and I listened as it turns out he has an ear infection and may have had or does have a chest infection too. As usual, you really would never know. Aside from being a little bit more whiny than usual, Brooks is hardly phased by sickness. I do hope the same goes for you.

Quinn, I need to admit that some days I am not real good at this mom thing and today was one of those days. That being said I am also quite capable of eventually cutting myself some slack when I am 39 weeks pregnant and have hardly slept for the past few weeks. After a rough morning with Brooks I decided the best thing for both of us was to take him to Bobbi's and get some rest myself. It was a tough decision to make, but the right one.

Thanks to some understanding and encouraging words from my super supportive friends and family, I snapped out of my funk and both Brooks and I ended up having a good day.

A little retail therapy for you didn't hurt either. 

You're room still isn't totally done but I did a little more decorating and tried to organize your closet a bit today. 

Well, I think I have resigned myself to the fact that you are pretty stuck on being a February baby. Probably my fault for shoving a love of purple down your throat. And with your dad in Saskatoon until tomorrow night, I am more than fine with that. He has made all of the arrangements and left me with several phone numbers to track him down should I need him, but I would rather you just stay put so he doesn't miss any of your arrival.

February it is. We made it through the night with dad away without any contractions or water breaking. I am honestly shocked that you are still in there after our little scare in December. I never thought you would make it this long. Another doctor's appointment tomorrow and fingers crossed it is our last before your arrival. I really can't wait to add you to our family.