Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Week 21 - Not wasting any time

Monday, September 22, 2014 - Sunday, September 28, 2014
I totally ordered just a couple of things for you today and did a lot of online window shopping for your nursery. Your dad and I just talked about how we aren't going to outfit you in headbands all the time, but I couldn't resist these ones for under $2.

While your dad was at volleyball tonight your brother and I were at odds over anything and everything ending in a ridiculous but oh so real mommy meltdown. First Brooks didn't want to eat supper, then he didn't want to have his hands wiped, didn't want to have a bath, didn't want to get out of the bath, didn't want to put a diaper on, peed on the floor in about 5 spots. Then when I finally get him down to put a diaper on he is thrashing and kicking and I just started to cry and asked him to please give mommy a break. He let me put the diaper on and then got up and plain as day said "I'm sorry" and gave me the biggest hug and kiss. This resulted in me half sobbing/half laughing as I realized the state I was in. He held my cheek in his hand and said "Mommy cwry?" His sweetness really snapped me out of it and gave me the perspective I needed to then deal with the 10 minute struggle that followed to get his pjamas on. Ugghh.

Tonight when your dad got home and we finally sat down on the couch to relax for a bit you started to dance your little bum off. I quickly grabbed your dad's hand to see if he could feel you move, but as soon as that happened you stopped. That's probably the third or fourth time you've done that to him. I told him maybe you are just shy, but neither of us truly believe that with the parents and brother you have.

Auntie Jaime bought you these today! Might actually motivate your mom to get into a bathing suit this winter. Seriously. Could they be any cuter?!?!

It's not even 11 a.m. and I have already eaten a granola bar, two muffins, two cheese strings and am making my way through some Greek yogurt. It's Week 21 and according to my app it says you may actually be able to taste a little bit of what I am eating now. I hope you're enjoying it as much as I am.

We had a quick supper before we had to head out for your brother's haircut. He was not cooperative at all when we got there, but thanks to the hair stylists patience, my lap, a sucker and an iPhone your brother actually looks like someone is taking care of him again. Cutting kids hair ranks right up there near the top of my list of jobs I would never ever want to do.

I was joking, but only a little bit when I told your dad we should get your brother a singlet/unitard because he did so good at gymnastics. He took a little while to get into it, but once he did he actually followed along the obstacle courses they had set up. Once he went through them one time, then he decided what his favourite parts were and did them over and over again. We will definitely make drop in times at the gym a part of our weekly outings when you arrive.

Another great Sunday under our belts. Great breakfast, successful grocery shopping with you brother in tow, huge nap for Brooks and lots of stuff done around the house by your dad and I and then an awesome supper and ice cream slurpee treats for the Family Guy Simpsons crossover episode. That's life. Nothing fancy. Just the way I like it.

Friday, 26 September 2014


1. A great deal. I LOVE deals. Especially practical deals with great timing. On Sunday Bart and I headed into Regina early for the Rider game so we could make a stop at Rona. We wanted to pick up paint for the nursery and it just so happened that Rona had a Buy 2 Get The 3rd Free deal on. We got the two main colours for the nursery as well as some to do a mini reno in our room.

That's not the only deal this week. I have been taking full advantage of Safeway's 50% off coupon for Pampers diapers. You could only use one coupon per transaction, but could go back as many times as you wanted. When the deal was done on Thursday, I had picked up 8 boxes of diapers. Some for Brooks and some to stash away for the baby. And I probably would have gotten more if they hadn't of run out of the sizes I wanted.

2. Lindt Crème Brule chocolate bar. This chocolate bar rocked both mine and Bart's world.

3. This nail polish. I got a bottle of Essie A Cut Above along with the awesome chocolate bar mentioned previously from Michelle at our Fav Things Splurge on Friday. I hardly ever paint my nails, but love how pretty and sort of put together I feel when I actually do. This nail polish is great for me because it doesn't have to be perfectly applied to look good.

4. Scandal. After powering through all 3 seasons online, I can't wait to keep up with the 4th season on a weekly basis. Yay Thursday nights!

5. Real Simple magazine. I love this magazine mostly for it's home organizing tips, but it's generally just got a good mix of useful and interesting content. I was so happy to get my issue in the mail yesterday and crack it open before bed last night. 

6. And this guy. I am finding this age to be one of the toughest yet most entertaining at the same time. There are moments where it is a good thing he is so stinkin cute!

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Week 19 & 20 - You're a . . .

Monday, September 8, 2014 - Sunday, September 14, 2014
Monday - Saturday
Brooks, myself and your dad all took turns having the flu this week so it was a week of just doing what we had to do to survive each day between bathroom trips and sleepless nights. I stayed home from work on Tuesday and Wednesday and despite how I was feeling, definitely enjoyed your teeny baby kicking company.

We were thankfully all feeling well enough to head to Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dougie's for a family supper tonight. Grandma has been secretly planning a trip for her and Grandpa to go to Scotland and watch the British Open in July and she decided it was time to let Grandpa in on it. It was so great to see his reaction!

Monday, September 15, 2014 - Sunday, September 21, 2014
I have a good feeling that this week will be a more healthy week for all of us. Although we were each only down and out for a couple of days. We took turns and it really threw our week upside down. Your brother seems to be much better and at times I am hopeful his crankiness is subsiding (teeth, terrible twos, sick, over tired . . . who knows).

One more sleep. Just one more sleep until we find out who you are!! Last night as I was laying in bed feeling for your usual pre-bedtime kicks, both your dad and I automatically and naturally referred to you as a him. Could it be a sign? The vivid dream of a penis I had shortly before our 20 week ultrasound with your brother sure was. But this time around I haven't had any genital dreams so for one more sleep you will remain a mystery.

GIRL!!! I knew it, but yet can't believe it. We are so lucky you are on your way Quinn. And it only makes sense. You were a Quinn even before your brother was Brooks, so it just had to be you.

Girl, girl, girl, girl . . . it's all I can think about. Your nursery, your clothes. When did I become such a girl?!

It's only fitting that just two days after finding out you are a girl I would get to spend the evening with some of my best girls! Auntie Jen hosted Splurge tonight and we had a blast sharing our favourite chocolate, lip product and nail products, eating yummy appetizers and laughing like crazy. All of the ladies are so excited you are a Quinn. (They would have been equally excited to hear you were a boy. They all just love your brother.) I hope one day you find a group of ladies like the one your mom has. They are incredible!

I was not looking forward to today. After what felt like a disastrous first trip to gymnastics with Brooks last Saturday, I wasn't sure I was ready for Round 2. But as usual, and I am sure you will too, your brother surprised me. He was so much better and so was I. He didn't follow along perfectly, but we had fun anyway and he even joined the group at the end to get his sticker and stamp.

It was Rider game date day for your dad and I, but first we made a stop at Rona to pick up paint for your bedroom. I am so happy with the colour decisions we made and I can't wait to watch it all come together.

Today turned out to be an extra special day! Two of your friends were born. First Austin James Thul entered the world and then just a few hours later Lily Rose Corr arrived. So proud of you Lisa and Bree and can't wait to meet your new little bundles. xoxox