Wednesday, 30 July 2014

THE best.

Today was one of those days I hope I remember forever. One of those you simply can't and don't want to even try to duplicate. It was full of awesome and perfect just the way it was. 

This week is the second and last week of my holidays and week 1 of our staycation. I had a few things on my mental list that I wanted to do this week, with the main one being take Brooks to the Science Centre and the Dinosaurs Unearthed exhibit.

Bart and I had no expectations on how it would go and would have been quite satisfied even if our visit lasted only 30 minutes. Brooks is going through a bit of a terrible almost two/defiance/tantrum phase and it's hard to know one day to the next what he will be happy doing and for how long. 

Well 2 1/2 hours later we were thrilled and I of course was even a little bit emotional about how much fun we had. 

I could have watched Brooks enthusiastically say hi and bye to the dinosaurs all day long. Or watch the joy on his face with every button he pushed that resulted in a sound or an action. He would still be in the hockey section if we let him or delivering his crop to the grain elevator with intense focus. He oohed and ahhhed and wowed as he discovered everything around him even if he couldn't read the facts or understand the science and technology behind it. 

can't wait to be a family of four experiencing these things one day and watching Brooks show his little brother or sister the ropes. But for now, with Baby #2 on the way, I want to soak up the one-on-one and memory making experiences with my Brooksy. This is his time. 

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Week 1 - Well that was easy.

Now that Baby #2 is on the way, it's time for Round 2 of my Pregnancy Diary. I have had a little trouble keeping up with it and also dealing with all day sickness and a toddler, but Baby Buck - as we affectionately call our newest family member - deserves the same documentation of the excitement and planning for his or her arrival as Brooks had.

Monday, May 26th, 2014 - Sunday, June 1st, 2014

Thank you, thank you, thank you. After just one month of honest trying, you have blessed your dad and I with...well YOU.

Exactly as it was with your brother, I had a throat infection and was pouty that being sick would hinder our attempts at getting pregnant when we in fact got pregnant. It took 8 months with your brother and it was stressful. He was obviously so worth the wait and exactly who we were waiting for, but I still hoped the journey would be different this time around and it was. It was exactly the opposite. Easy peasy. 

A few days before we headed to Fargo for your dad's ball tournament I took a test. It was early to be taking one but I couldn't help myself. I had a feeling. The test was negative. I was not devastated. I think somehow I just knew it was wrong. 

I was a bit of/big mess on the drive home from Fargo. Brooks hadn't been a great traveller and I felt like most of the time we were in Fargo I spent it scolding him. I was feeling upset that I couldn't figure out how to cope with his not listening and out right defiance and I was exhausted. After some McDonalds and a crying fit I thought, "I must be pregnant. This is slightly ridiculous." Hahahahaha.

Before we went to bed that night I told your dad I was taking another test in the morning.

I knew it. Plus sign. I looked in the mirror and started to cry. You are on your way!! I barged into our room and told your dad who took a minute to process it. He admitted later that based on my craziness in the car the day before he had wondered if I was pregnant. I know he was excited and relieved, just like I was, that it had happened so quickly.

I wasted no time calculating my due date - February 5, 2015, downloading a pregnancy tracking app on my phone and calling to make a doc appointment. All while I attended a training workshop on Strategic Communications. My mind drifted from target audiences and key messaging to you quite often.

I had told your dad that this time I wanted to do it a little bit differently. I wanted to keep you between the two of us longer than I did last time. He just smiled when I suggested we wait until around Grandma Susie's 60th birthday on June 18th.

I was back in the office today. It was busy so I didn't have much time to think about not telling people and it was actually kind of nice to have you all to myself. My sweet little secret.

I was at training in Regina again today and spent my lunch hour and even made a stop on the way home to try to find Brooks a big brother t-shirt. No such luck. I was still determined though to find a fun and cute way to make the announcement to our family. But not before June 18th.

Well I made it almost 4 days without telling anyone. That's better than the 5 minutes the last time. We were barely a block away from Grandma Susie and Grandpa Dougie's after stopping by there on a walk. I looked at your dad and said, "that was hard not telling them." He laughed and said do you want to turn around? He had barely finished speaking when I said yes and made a sharp turn with Brooks and the stroller. He knows me so well. I am terrible at keeping my own secrets. They were thrilled and so were Grandpa and Grandma Mihalicz when we told them later that night. I know they've all been patiently waiting to hear the news that you were on your way.

Your dad was in Regina today playing fastball and Brooks I had a great day. Grandma Susie came to swimming with us and also to help distract Brooks while he got his hair cut. He had a big nap and I did some more unpacking and organizing. Plus I thought about you a lot. I already have ideas for your nursery depending whether you are a boy or a girl.

Today I managed to visit with Ang and the kids and Schmidt and Charli without telling them. I was quite impressed with myself. And I think your dad was surprised I kept my mouth shut too. Once Brooks was down for his nap your dad and I and the dogs decided we would take advantage and have a team nap. Your dad commented on filling our king bed up with you, Brooks and Miller and Ridge. It sounded so perfect to me.

After supper I took the third and last test I had so we could use it to tell your aunties and uncles you were on your way. It was a bit of a struggle to get Brooks to pose with the test and it of course ended up in his mouth, but it worked.

Friday, 13 June 2014


1. Honey Roasted Cashews from Bulk Barn. Stashed these in my desk on Wednesday and if I am being completely honest I would be surprised if there are any left by the end of today. Yum!

2. Naked Backyard Time. Brooks' idea of playing with his water table is pouring the water over his head or dunking his face in it to drink out if it like the dogs do. So needless to say he is soaked very quickly and in need of a change of clothes. Rather than chase him around trying to get a diaper and dry clothes on him we let him be one with nature for a while.

3. Orange Is The New Black. I am addicted. I can't wait to jump in bed with the computer as soon as Brooks goes to bed. I should be done season two by the end of the weekend. And then what?

4. Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. I don't usually stay up late enough to watch Jimmy Kimmel on a regular basis, but I love to catch up on his segment Celebrities Read Mean Tweets. Watched #7 the other day and laughed out loud at my desk.

5. Brooks' New Runners. I bought these Converse at Target when we were in Fargo. I just love them!

Hope all of you had lots to love this week. Happy Father's Day weekend!!