Friday, 12 September 2014


1. My coworkers. To embrace the fall weather and celebrate Friday, our West Side Hallway social convenor, Michelle, organized a pumpkin spice latte taste test. Whoever wanted to participate put in $10 and Michelle bought lattes from Starbucks and a local coffee shop. Initially I thought we were just going to sit in our cubicles and drink our coffees, but oh no. Michelle had the taste test set up complete with a pumpkin blindfold, scoring paddles and a score sheet. What a great coffee break treat!

2. Free fall/Halloween printables on Pinterest. I haven't decided which to print off, but I definitely want to add one of these to our home. These are my two favourites so far.

3. This blog post. I have been meaning to write one of these myself, but Baby KERF basically wrote it for me. Brooks loves his Aden and Anais blankets, we also have a favourite brand of sippy cups and I couldn't be happier with our highchair. Also on my list would be these bibs. And I would have to agree with Baby KERF on a thumbs down for that placemat and the bike.

4. These books. Continuing with the theme of #3. Brooks loves his That's Not My Train and That's Not My Plane books. I have since purchased That's Not My Kitten, That's Not My Princess and That's Not My Bunny for gifts. Definitely a go to for my fav little ones.

5. This text from Bart. After looking far from hot with the flu this week, this made my day as I attempted to return to civilization on Thursday. xoxoxoxo

Friday, 5 September 2014


1. This print. What better way to start Brooks' day or anyone's day for that matter. I mean really, Brooks it pretty much ridiculously awesome 24/7 already, but I couldn't resist this print from Pixel Paper Hearts and knew I wanted to give it a home in his big boy room. We all need a reminder once in a while.

2. Cups of mixed candy. Pregnant or not, I love candy. And sour candies are my favourite. The other night Bart surprised me with some treats including a great pre made mixed bag of delicious candies and while out for a walk during lunch the other day I found this cup at a drugstore near my office. It was a great pick me up for that 2 p.m. wall I seem to hit every single day.

3. Bobbi. This week was Back to Bobbi's week. We had the most awesome summer and know she did too, but getting back into our normal routine feels really good. She is everything single thing and so much more that I want in the person who cares for our Brooks while we are at work.

4. First day of school pics. These two. I mean really?! My super incredible niece Elliot, and her all the right kinds of crazy buddy (and my buddy too) Mya started preschool at Montessori on Wednesday. 

5. A new diaper caddy. Our previous diaper caddy was on its last legs and with a new baby on the way I figured there was no time like the present to order a new one. This is one of my favourite mommy must haves and I was thrilled to find it in a new heather grey fabric. Here it is. I highly recommend it.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Week 17 - Time is flying

Monday, August 25, 2014 - Sunday, August 31, 2014

I was back to work today, but your dad has one more day off before he has to go back to work. He and Brooks went to the field house to play with Kirsten and Mila this morning. The field house will probably be one of your first outings this winter and become a regular one very quickly. Every day, Monday to Friday, a section of the field is set up with kids toys and it's a great safe place for little ones like your brother to play while mommies visit and exchange parenting stories and tips. I love it! Just wish it was licensed some times.

According to your brother's pregnancy blog, I didn't even put on my first pair of maternity pants until Week 17. Hahahaha. I didn't waste any time at all getting into them this time around. I think it's a combination of I already knew how amazing they are and a whole lot of needing them much earlier this time.

Now that I am feeling better though, I think my weight gain has stalled a little bit and I am definitely a lot less bloated. I feel more and more like I am rocking the bump every day and I love it!!

Every day I think I can feel you move more and more. But it's still not so super obvious on a regular basis that I can always be sure it's you. I think your dad is looking forward to when he will feel you too. That's another one of the great moments of pregnancy and will hopefully happen in the next month or so.

I can't believe I am 17 weeks already and you are, according to my trusty app, the size of a turnip. This pregnancy is really flying by and now that I am feeling so much better it's a lot easier to enjoy.

My skin has been very itchy lately. And I swear when I was scratching the side of my belly this morning you responded with a kick. Or maybe that was my tummy growling in anticipation of Poutine Friday with the girls. Nah, I am pretty sure it was you.

This morning your brother and I headed over to Auntie Jen and Uncle Matt's for a play date and to give Elliot a happy first day of preschool present. I cannot believe she is already so grown up and I just couldn't be prouder of how awesome she is.

I love lazy Sundays. Especially when they are followed by a holiday Monday. Wow, deja vu. I feel like I have typed those exact words before. Your dad went to the Rider game and Brooks and I played and had a good nap. I really hope you love to nap as much as Brooks and I do.