Thursday, 10 December 2015

Quinn - 10 Months

I promise I had every intention of writing a 9 month blog for you Quinn, but our laptop quit on us. Thankfully the geniuses at the Best Buy Geek Squad, Apple and iWorld, were able to get it fixed at no charge to us. It was like magic. I hope you grow up to have a little more techy in you than I do. Maybe as much techy as That Lady Schmidt has. That would save you some real frustration and feeling helpless like your mommy did for almost a month. But I digress. Time for some blog catch up.

Nine months is a big deal in baby time. I remember it that way with your brother and it was the same for you. Bam. Just like that you went from baby to verging on toddler. You started crawling, wasted no time pulling yourself up on furniture and are already taking steps behind your Lego walker.

Just like Brooks at this age, you say dadadadadadadada all the time and throw in some momomomomoms too every once in a while. I might be giving you more credit than you deserve, but I think you are using dadadadada probably rather than just making noise. I don't think there is any intent behind momomomomom yet though. You also babble and squeal to get our attention. At times it even sounds like you are giving us heck because we weren't listening to what you had to say.

You still have a tooth free gummy grin so meal time is pureed or mashed to bits. You will try anything I put on your plate and knock on wood seem to be on your way to being as a good an eater as your brother. You vibrate when it's time for your bottle or when I get you in your highchair and Brooks or I put a mum mum on your tray. You LOVE carrots and peas, cheese, mashed potatoes, chicken, ham and even devoured the kidney beans I picked out of my chili. Thanks!

Your long hair and not so polite eating habits make it almost necessary for a nightly post supper bath. It's much easier than struggling to wipe your face clean. You hate getting your face wiped and your mom is an anally thorough wiper.

I keep thinking you are going to wake up one morning with a mouthful of teeth since I can tell they are on the verge of popping through and you seem to be in pain some days. You've had a couple nights where they've woken you up and you've need some cuddle time and I don't mind one bit. I wish it was under better circumstances, but I love the quiet Mommy and Q time.

Even though he gets a teeny bit too rough at times, you had the scratches on your cheek to prove it, you worship your big brother. And aside from his monster size, inability to know his own strength and difficulty with sharing, Brooks adores his Baby Quinn too. He helps me sing Patty Cake to you when you are having your diaper changed and makes sure I don't forget to mark the cake with a Q for you.

We had to give up on clipping your hair back with bows for now as you were trying to eat them so cutting your bangs was the next step. It took me a few days to get used to it because it made you look so grown up, but gawd it's cute. You are a dead ringer for Dora. So this had to happen. If you sit still for me, you sometimes get the front pony tail too. That's about the extend of my hair doing abilities. Sorry.

You did great at your 9 month check up and immunizations. The nurses commented that you are very tall at almost 29 inches, but still so much lighter than your monster of a brother was at just 18.5 lbs.

Even though it's hard to believe you could get sweeter you did. You've started to give hugs and even awesome slobbery opened mouth kisses. Quite often it's unprompted, but always needed. And your smirk and giggle get your dad every time. I swear you have a special little smirk reserved just for him.

You love to just be in the action and seem to be taking everything in. It's still so easy to take you out with me and I love having my sidekick to keep me company on days when Brooks is at daycare. You hardly say boo when we go get groceries and have a blast at gymnastics even though it's during your nap time.

Brooks started calling you a "Beeeaaaauuutiful Lady" and he couldn't be more right. Inside and out Quinn. All beauty. You are the best of all of us and a reminder of how very easy it is to choose to be happy. We love you, love you, love you. xoxoxox

Friday, 9 October 2015

Quinn - 8 Months

"Well, that just made my day!" I heard that three times the other day when you treated absolutely everyone you saw with your special smile. And I couldn't have felt more proud of you Quinn.

No matter where we are, you don't let anyone get past you without a smile. And most of the time it stops people in their tracks and they can't help but come over and try to get another 1, 2 or 10 grins out of you. I hope you never lose that desire to make someone's day. It takes very little, but can mean so much.

You're 8 months old and once again have changed so much since my last post just two months ago. You are a pro at sitting up now and roll and scooch yourself backwards all over the place. You've started to get up on your hands and knees and rock back and forth and even attempted to pull yourself up onto things. Crawling and standing will definitely be a part of our next post.

I am not sure what you weight right now, but you are comfortably out of 6 month clothes and wearing 9 month and even some 9-12 month stuff. You started off slow, but you are catching up fast.

Just the other day I finally got rid of the bathtub support and decided it was time you sat in the tub without any help. I don't think I am moving you along as fast as I did your brother, partly because I don't want you to grow up any faster and partly because you seem so much smaller than he was. It's also probably a second child thing too. 

And thank the lord! You have stopped puking so much. It still happens, but your disgusting factor has definitely decreased. Or has it? You've replaced puking with being as or even more messy an eater than your brother was. The plus side is you are as good an eater as he was, but every meal has me trying to wipe sticky bits of mum mums or crusted puree out of your hair.

You currently love cheese, bananas and yogurt. You also have yet to turn your nose up to anything I throw in the blender for you. We are still waiting on teeth but you still manage well with some finely chopped finger foods.

You were sick for the first time at the end of August and really scared your mom for a couple hours. A stomach bug hit you hard and it took us several hours to get you to keep any sort of liquid down. I was very worried about dehydration, but thankfully your dad thought to call the healthline and we were told exactly what to do.

Although you haven't said any words yet, you natter away all the time and can roll your Rs like no one's business. It's the curtest thing ever!

You continue to be my easy going sidekick and I can't thank you enough for making life so easy. You are happy to do what it takes to make sure your brother gets the attention he needs or when mommy needs just a little time to herself. 

Speaking of your brother you continue to idolize him and he loves you to bits. He loves to play with you as long as he calls the shots on what toys you have, but you don't mind. I have even caught him sharing his beloved Paw Patrol or Cars toys with you. That's huge Quinn.

Quinn we couldn't feel more thankful that you are ours or thank you enough for making our day every day. You are exactly what we need, exactly when we need it. xoxoxo

Monday, 10 August 2015

Quinn - 6 Months

Six months already. Quinn, how did that happen? It has honestly gone by in a blink of an eye and now your moving into the stage where things speed up even more. You'll be sitting up on your own, crawling, pulling yourself up on furniture and walking before we know it. Watching you grow and change is such a joy.

Speaking of joy. Quinn, you are it. Joy. You are ALWAYS happy. You are so content to just be. Don't get me wrong. You have your moments and you know how to let us know when you are hungry or tired. But for the most part, you are easy and chill. 

We started you on solids at about 5 1/2 months with the hope that it would help with your puking. Well no dice. You still puke. And it's even grosser if that is possible. Thank goodness you are so stinkin' cute because you are quite disgusting at times. You definitely like to eat. So far you haven't met a puree you didn't like. Your table manners leave a bit to be desired, but we can work on that. 

At your 6 month check up you were an even 16 lbs (more than 5 pounds less than your brother at this age) and 29 inches tall. Our doctor said you were totally healthy and assured me once again that the puking would soon stop. Any time would be great Missy. 

You finally experienced your first time in a swing. You were pretty indifferent about it and still really small for the seat. We also got you swimming again at the Mihalicz family reunion and you loved it! I think you would still be floating quite happily in the pool if I let you. You even seemed to have a little frog kick perfected.

Sadly you seem to be transitioning out of being rocked to sleep and I am not sure I am ready for it. Sometimes I will just put you down in your crib for naps and within about 10 minutes you have soothed your self to sleep. Other times you humour me and let me cuddle for a few minutes even though you don't seem that comfortable in my arms. You will eventually fall asleep but sometimes I wonder if you are faking just for my sake because as soon as I put you down in your crib your eyes pop open and you wind up putting yourself to sleep anyway.

You LOVE your brother and the two of you natter back and forth all the time. Pretty much anything he does, funny or not, makes you laugh. You're good for his little ego. 

Quinn I can't begin to tell you how much you are loved. One look at you and everything just seems perfect. Thank you making us complete.